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To infuse more PLAY into the world, as a positive force of change

To activate the 'Play Impulse' and its application to solving real-world issues

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Play is a primal evolutionary factor that has ensured our survival for millennia. Play helps us adapt to exponential change and can be harnessed to create inspiring futures.

About EON: PlayLabs is supported by the EON Foundation. From humble beginnings in 1998 in a vintage caravan (the Plaza) above a beach on Waiheke Island, Aotearoa, New Zealand, the EON Foundation has gained international recognition for 'Learning Reimagined', working  with government, universities and NGOs. A registered Charitable Trust, the EON Foundation has been recognised by the United Nations.


John Eyles Bio

John Eyles – Founder

Social entrepreneur, artist and educator, with over 25 years facilitating learning & innovation for governments, NGO’s, companies, universities and organisations, including the BBC, UN, Vodafone, Auckland University of Technology, AIG, Frucor, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Ministries of Education and more. John has developed and built award-winning, scaleable learning solutions adopted by millions of students around the world.

Zen Player Bio

Zen Player – Co-Founder

Artist, inventor, and visionary entrepreneur, Zen has always been captivated by what’s possible with PLAY! With over 40 years of branding, marketing & advertising for agencies, international brands and growing companies, Zen hatched several ‘world-first’ innovations along the way. He also designed and created the HALOmask, considered to be the world’s most stylish, comfortable and protective facemasks.


Gerd Leonhard – Human Futurist

One of the leading futurists in the world, Gerd has presented at over 1600 leading conferences and events over the past 20 years. His clients include Microsoft, NBC, Visa, Google, the European Commission, L’Oréal, Audi and IBM, to name a few. Author, speaker, filmmaker and luminary, Gerd is an inspirational influence to millions of people around the globe.

Gerd Lionhardt

Dr. Lisa Galarneau – Anthropologist

Social scientist, futurist, and researcher with over 25 years guiding and advising Innovation sectors, including Microsoft Games User Research, Intel, Amazon, Xbox, and NCSoft. Originally from Northern California, Lisa lived in New Zealand while doing doctoral work at the University of Waikato in Screen and Media Studies. She lives in Northern California and advises various sectors on gaming for innovation.

Lisa Garlaneau Bio
Jake Pearce

Jake Pearce – Co Creator

A passionate co-creator and visionary, Jake has advised some of the largest commercial brands and companies in the world; Danone, Unilever, Shell, PepsiCo, Vodafone and others. With an uncanny gift to perceive new, unforeseen opportunities for innovation, he brings a blend of business acumen and creative alchemy, with measurable results.


Marcela Sabino – Innovator

Foresight strategist, creative director, and innovation designer with over 16 years of experience in areas such as Emerging Technologies, Art & Culture and International Development, focusing on designing future-forward strategies and implementing impactful multi-stakeholder initiatives. For over 6 years Marcela was the Lab Director and Head of Innovation at the Museum of Tomorrow, Brazil.

Marcela Sabino Bio
Bruce Handcock Bio

Bruce Handcock – Transformation Guide

Bruce is a Performance Psychologist, accredited Marshall Goldsmith coach, Hogan Assessment and Passion Map practitioner, body-based therapist and counsellor. A kiwi based in SE Asia for over 20 years, Bruce takes leaders, performers and talent through a retreat journey of whole person discovery, exploring personality, behaviour, and Essence.

Hazel Redpath Bio

Hazel Redpath – Writer & Educator

Hazel is a master of curriculum development and the delivery of inspiring learning journeys. She facilitates leadership programmes at Harvard University, advises Ministries of Education, consults with the tertiary sector setting up Master and Bachelor programmes in the creative industries, and provides professional development for teachers.


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